Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm twenty five!!!!!

I'm 25!!!!!!! crazy. The God-gifts were positively delightful and numerous all day long. Thank you, Jesus!

My nanny children were wonderful to me - the most perfect amount of drama. We took a morning bike ride down to the beach, which was wonderful and a little bit dramatic (Maddie parked her bike on the train tracks, Cassie put a crab down Jack's shirt, Stella fell off her bike). The weather was perfect. I think God delights in making July 9th the most perfectly warm and sunny weather. Always an excellent gift. 

private beach. loooovvveee it!!

my big girls <3

Pandora played literally every single one of my favorite songs, in a row, for hours on end. God-gift, again. 

Enjoyed a lovely drama-free picnic at Boulevard with the kids and my friend Megan.

The littlest one took a very long nap while the girls and I chatted, read books and made crafts. 

Then I drove down to Burlington for dinner with Kimber, my dad, and our BFF's who are also twins. 

It always feels so absolutely wrong to not be with Kimber the whole day on our birthday. We only got to spend a couple hours together that evening. She is the greatest gift to my life, I treasure her. Twins are the best, aren't they? I love you, Kim!!! 

Aren't we cute? 

Some gifts counted today:
551. Sissy telling me 'happy birthday' first
552. Lavender- fresh picked
553. Trailing blooms
554. Glitter skirts
556. Having Kimber to share our birthday with
557. Sounds: airplane, bubbling boy laughter, bikes
558. Birthday crown - silly joy
560. Golden-hour sun on endless evergreens
564. Your lavished love all over my day today, so many gifts I can't count them all
567. Ache in my chest prayers
568. Sweet texts all day long - I am loved.
571. Cotton candy sunsets and big doctor moon

xoxo, Kayla


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