Saturday, June 28, 2014

To remember..

Things I want to remember about today:

-Stella coming to me in the hurry of the morning asking "will you hold me?" ...Stella my in between girl. Not quite a little kid but not a big kid either. She has never once asked to be held. But I did what I have vowed to always do when a babe asks to be held - I picked up all 45 pounds of her and held her close. Her head laid heavy on shoulder, arms wrapped around neck. And my soul breathed deep into that moment. My hips swayed that gentle rocking motion that somehow intuitively happens when a babe is held close. And my heart? It was so blessed by that moment.

-Dropping the girls off for their second full day at "Rock Camp" ....a joke to me, but they love it. Saying "See you in the morning" to Maddie because she would be going straight to a golf tournament with her dad that day. I never thought I'd be sad to say those words, but I was bummed to not see her later today.

-Morning donuts with Stella and Jack. My favorite part? Sitting all quiet on a bench out front eating our donuts...watching Jack eat the chocolate and sprinkles off first. His hands still look so small and baby-plump.

-Stopping by the bay to let Jack practice some more on the Skutt bike. He is so proud of himself! Chatters the whole time he's on it, going sooooooo slow. Endearing.

Nothing very dramatic happened today, which I was glad for. I'd say we are maxed out in the drama department for this month.