Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Discipleship Path

My church has this "Discipleship Path" that they encourage everyone to take. It's mostly a way to get connected in the church, since it is quite large, but it is also very spiritually helpful. The path consists of three parts. Square One - you meet church staff and have lunch all together. Alpha - an 8-week long class where you sit with a small group of people, share a meal, watch and then discuss a video. The Bridge - three evenings of eating dinner together and then learning about the five traits of a committed, mature, growing disciple of Jesus.  

I have been changed by walking this Discipleship Path, not only were the things I learned applicable (SO APPLICABLE!!) to my life and challenged my faith BUT - I made friends!!! 

Before Alpha I used to sit alone at church. But now? Every Sunday I sit with my friends. 

At the first night of The Bridge (missing 3 friends)

Silly Selfie

I am grateful for these people, they are special to me. They encourage me, love me, and make me feel so wanted and cared for. They are such a treasure to me. 

This discipleship path is legit. 



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