Friday, April 4, 2014

spring break 2014

Four kids, no schedule, long days, starting the week already tired? I was anxious. 

Monday: I could make a scrapbook about Monday. It was picturesque. We flew kites, took long rests, there was no drama or fighting. It was DELIGHTFUL. 

ohhh, but Tuesday? Tuesday was so dramatic. 

J, my two year old buddy, DRANK a bottle of nail polish (hot pink) and half of a container of ACT flouride rinse. Poison control was called. Vomitting happened. Girls panicked. I praised God that he was okay...and for the sweet poison control man. 

oh but wait....


..on our way to the Tulip Festival...we witnessed a car crash on the freeway...well...we were also kind of in it. Semi-truck merges into a car. Car comes spinning towards us...I slam on the brakes and drive all five of us into a ditch.

There were tears from the girls. There were cries of "please don't get back on the road". There were shaking hands. and you know what else? There were many whispers and shouts of "thank you, God" ....everyone was safe. and these kids who I've been witnessing to? ....they praised God. 

I made the forty minute drive to the festival with shaken up quiet kids......none of the tulips had bloomed yet. 

but it turned out that the kids didn't care because there was MUD. so much gloriously messy mud.

some were stripped down for the drive home. 

And Wednsday? ...the worst listening day we have ever had, everyone was tired from nightmares about the car crash, we pushed the "restart" button about fifty times, and the family cat got ran over by a car....



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