Monday, April 7, 2014

scripture changes your life!

I testify: memorizing Scripture changes your life. 

I had heard it, but I didn't believe it until I tasted of the truth myself. I took Ann Voskamp's challenge to memorize 24 verses from the book of John. and those words? They are transforming my heart. 

I didn't think that it would. I didn't think that my soul would hunger for His word. I didn't think that it would sustain me. I didn't think that it would change how I see the world.
Fav spot to put verses? In the bathroom! I spend SO much time in there getting ready in the morning. 

But it did. it does. These words? They satisfy my soul. They teach me about the heart of God. They ground me. They change how I live daily. 

I sit here during nap time to practice my verses and meditate on the words.

"What the heart knows, by heart, is what the heart knows" -Ann Voskamp 

If you want to take the challenge:

The Jesus Project

I have tasted, and I will not go back.



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