Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day in the life

For everyone who has been curious, here is what a "slow" day for me looks like....

Good morning! Hattie sits on the counter while I get ready and work on memorizing Scripture. 

Drive to work

Get to the house, turn on the lights & heat, let the dog out (This picture was taken later in the morning, hello sunshine!)

Make breakfast and look over the plan for the day. Make lunches for the school girls.

Wake girls up (torturous!), serve them breakfast after they are dressed. Do their hair while they eat. Then almost every other word out of my mouth is "hurry up" so that we can maybe get to school before the bell rings.


Morning walk if it isn't raining too much.

Back to the house to do dishes and clean up whatever messes have accumulated since yesterday.

Free play!!! (trains are our fav right now) We also go to the Library 1-2 times/week at this time.

Get S ready for swim. Make Lunch. Eat lunch (earliest lunch ever! 11am!) 

Swim class for S, snack time for J.

(He threw his pants in the pool and learned alllll about natural consequences)

Pick girls up from school

Home for naps/quiet time. I fold laundry, start on dinner prep, help big girls with homework and try to have a little time to myself to read or just sit alone.

Kids go to whatever the day's activity it was soccer practice at Lake Padden

Home to make dinner. Girls do their chores.

Fill in our "hearts" for the day. This is the reward system for the big girls. It's working WONDERS! I super recommend it.

If I get off while it's still light out (maybe once a week), I take a little walk to my secret spot.

I run all my non-kid errands like doing my own grocery shopping, paying bills, going to target..then I come home to Hattie Mae, take a shower and read read read until bed.

I thought about doing a "day in the life" on a typical day or a crazy day...but it was just too much! Maybe someday when there are cameras in our eyes or something ;)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Monday-Wednesday job...but it is tiring and I am constantly leaning on Jesus to just get me through the day. And you know what? HE SHOWS UP! Every time. Every hour.
and it is restoring my soul.
I have never felt so cared for and so close to God as I do in the times when I cannot do life on my own strength. God is so good to us! 


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