Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crafting lately...

Being unemployed (for the most part) sure does have its perks! I have lots of time to craft, get work done for my Doula certification, see my family, and hang out with my new little kitty. The last time I was unemployed it was pretty stressful because I didn't know when I would be working again. This time I have a job lined up starting in January. I am trying to take FULL advantage of my free time because I know that when the new year comes I'm going to be pretty busy.

I made two Crayon Roll Up's for the sweet little girls that I nanny for on Fridays. They both have recently had birthdays, but already have really beautiful lovely toys so I didn't want to get them something that would take up space or that they don't really need. These are great because you can take them anywhere and the crayons don't get lost. Just grab a little notebook and you're all set for waiting at doctor's offices or in the line at Trader Joe's ;)

Crayon Roll Up to the rescue!!

I thought I had a tutorial for this from last time I made them, but it turns out I don't. They're pretty easy to make though!

1. Figure out how much fabric you'll need. It depends on how many crayons and how big they are. I lay the crayons out then fold the fabric up over them to figure out how big to make the pocket. If you want to add a flap to close them add that to how much fabric you'll need.
2. Cut fabric out
3. Place right sides together
4. Place fold-over-elastic (folded in half to form a loop) along inside of fabric edge
5. Sew together, leaving a small gap
6. Turn right-side-out
7. Sew up the gap and top stitch around edges
8. Sew lines on the pocket to hold the crayons in place (tip, I sew my lines so the crayons are pretty tight in there because the fabric will stretch out after the first couple times you put the crayons in/out)
9. Enjoy!

I made S a roll with large round Crayons (She turned 3) and I made A a roll with regular sized crayons (She turned 5)

I added a flap to A's because her crayons were small, I didn't want them to wiggle out.

Fold-over-elastic loops!

Happy coloring!


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