Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Calendar

As a girl who loves Christmas, the start of Advent really solidifies the Christmas spirit in me. I love the ritual of it, the expectant waiting, and the way my heart changes every year. It is such a great way to practice waiting and to join in with others longing for the second Advent of Jesus. 

This year my friend Megan gave me a great idea for an Advent calendar. I can't remember where she said she got it from, but I so love it! It was really easy to put together and pretty inexpensive as far as Advent calendars go.

-small boxes (I used 14)
-bottle brush trees
-hot glue
-black marker
-chocolate/scripture, tiny gifts (for the insides!)

I chose to label my boxes with two numbers instead of one because I live in a little apartment and didn't want it to take up too much space. I doubled up days one through twenty-three and gave Christmas Eve and Christmas their own boxes.

1. Label boxes
2. Fill with treats/scripture/gifts/
3. Arrange boxes and trees together
4. Glue on trees (I glued on most of the trees but ended up leaving a few not-glued since they were precariously placed between boxes)

I'm not the best at drawing/printing, but I'm pretty proud of these guys!

Happy first day of Advent! Are you waiting for Jesus too?

xoxo, Kayla


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