Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I've been hoarding a sweater away for a while, planning to make mittens out of it, but chosing a different project to tackle every time is saw it. It is just so adorable, little tiny hearts stitched into it, absolutely perfect for mittens. I was nervous about running it. The last time I made mittens they were...less than hoped for.

I FINALLY decided to just make them already! I made a cute tiny pair for the little girl I used to nanny for. They're so adorable, I'm sort of obsessed with how cute and tiny they are. They were actually surprisingly easy to sew, here's a quick tutorial...

1. Find adorable sweater.

2. Trace hand with fingers together. 
3. Make a pattern adding 1/2'' seam allowance on all sides (not pictured)

3. Turn sweater inside out (not pictured).
4. Trace pattern onto sweater and pin.

5. Sew mittens together. The thumb area can be tricky so take your time if you're nervous like me. 

All done!

How adorable is this Woods card?! 

Now I've got to make myself a pair! 

xoxo, Kayla


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