Thursday, November 21, 2013

For the best deal in town...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Goodwill is where it's at!

I've heard multiple times that the Goodwill in my town is the best in the state. I can't say that I have any scientific proof to back that up, but I agree with it. My sister and our friend C always make a stop at Goodwill when they come up to visit.

I tend to visit Goodwill often. They have an ever changing supply of knickknacks, furniture, picture frames, and kitchenwares (all my fav things!). And it's SO INEXPENSIVE!!! 

Here are some gems I've found at Goodwill in the past two weeks...

These candlesticks are going to be on the Thanksgiving table, for sure. 

Isn't this so cute?! $8!

Someone beat me to this gem :(

Look how cute these are!! I think they were $7.

Bought this cutie for my sister Kimber. She's trying to get rid of her knickknacks but it was just too adorable to not buy. Of course she ended up loving it ;)

Also for Kimber. This is a lot more adorable in real life, it has a glass hummingbird hanging in the middle and is so precious! 

And that's just in the last week and a half. 

What I love most about Goodwill is that I can buy something and then paint it or bedazzle it know craft-it-up, and spend less than if I had bought it new. Plus I get to be creative. 

So thanks Goodwill for helping a girl out. 

Xoxo, Kayla


  1. LOVE your goodwill! It's seriously the best! And the great thing about buying things from there is that you don't feel bad donating them later because you didn't pay very much in the first place! Win win!