Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I'm just going to have to say it again, I live in such a beautiful place!

And folks, I bought a Bugaboo. It was too good of a deal not to pass up, thanks Craigslist! And they are so right about how wonderful it is, I am in love!! 

I totally understand why they are so expensive. It is a dream to push, super lightweight, a huge canopy, big storage basket, lots of accessories, and absolutely beautiful lines. I am so silly in love with it. 

Luckily I'm still nannying C! We've been out a few times in it. Crusing in luxury! 
It's lovely, but it's really not helping my "be happy with where you are in life" mentality I'm working on. 

In other news, I'm also still in love with Hattie...even when wiggles her way under my covers at night and bites my thigh. Still working on that...

Xoxo, Kayla