Friday, October 25, 2013

Autumn is here!

Friends, I am embracing autumn. 

This year has been easier than anticipated. We have had a lot of sunny cold days...a nice change from our dreary rainy fall weather! I've been loving watching the trees change in my new neighborhood, they are so lovely! 

For a summer girl like me, Autumn can be a hard season. It's usually just so depressing here in the PNW with the rain and grey skies. I'm embracing the crisp wind, crunchy leaves, bright blue skies, boots, sweaters and really thanking the Lord I found an apartment with a lot of natural light. 

We have had a LOT of fog in the region lately (almost  2 straight weeks!). It lasts for most of the day, with two or three golden hours of sunshine in the afternoon. It's pretty spooky to be driving around in the middle of the day in thick fog but if it means no rain, I'll take it!

Thanks Autumn for being kind to us this year! I hope winter is just as accommodating. 

Ps, I'm writing this at a coffee shop and the two older women near me have been talking about the fog for the last 10 minutes! 


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