Sunday, December 29, 2013

Crafts lately...

I love homemade things. There's just something so special about receiving a homemade gift or making something for yourself. It makes me feel competent :)

I made a couple pairs of sweater mittens for Christmas gifts this year (and some for myself). Simple and a practical cute gift! 

I just LOVE this print! So sad I've used it all up. 

Find the tutorial HERE

I also wrote on a few mugs to give away as gifts. These two are from Starbucks. 

Super easy gift! Just write on the mug with a Sharpie and then bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 mins and allow it to cool completely before using or washing.

Beautiful Adria 
xoxo, Kayla

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas and such

I can't believe Christmas has come and went! It all happens so fast :(

My tree died a week before Christmas! 
My family celebrated on Christmas Eve because my dad was working Christmas. It was lovely though :) 

My brother David and his wife Kd came over and my brother Bryan's new girlfriend joined us along with her daughter. It was nice to have a little one with us, I really miss Christmas with my older sister and her kids. 

We didn't get hardly any pictures, but we had a good time and ate a lot of ham. 

Happy birthday Jesus!! 

Not the best picture, but me and Hattie on Christmas Eve.
xoxo, Kayla 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh deer, cookies!

I have a new skill!

Making adorable (and scrumptious) sugar cookies!

Using a secret family recipe I made some cookies for some of my married friends' Christmas gifts. 

By golly, it took forever but it was so worth it! They turned out super cute and everyone loved them. Hattie is obsessed with butter so these were really hard to keep away from her. I put the cookies in my closet to cool because she would not stop eating them!! Silly kitty. We both ate wayyyyy too many. 

Only a tiny fraction of the chaos this project was. Notice my little helper/eater?

My friend Alix made me this apron, I love it! Perfect for baking these gold goodies.

I packaged them up in gold cookie tins with some tissue paper linning the bottom. I forgot to get a picture of the cookies all packaged up with the lids on...let me just tell you that they were overwhelmingly adorable! 

Happy baking! 

Xoxo, Kayla

Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow day!!

We finally had our first snow day of the year!!!

I was overnight babysitting for the family I work for M-W...there wasn't snow in the forecast so it was quite a shock to wake up to!

The two older girls' school was cancelled (1-2 inches people!!) so we had a snowy day together. Then I drove home (ugh, snow driving here sucks) to my kitty who was SOOOO lonely.

I love when she sits in her little house, soooo cute! (it's so cozy under my bed)

I took her out in the snow for a bit. She loved it, though you can't tell from the pictures ;)

Off to help out backstage at Dancing For Joy's nativity show!  

Xoxo, Kayla 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hattie Mae

I've had Hattie for over two months now! I can't believe it's only been two months! Feels like much longer. She's so sweet and cuddly and though she can be rough with her teeth, I really love her. I can't believe how big she's gotten! She's at least twice the size she was when I first brought her home.

She's really been doing great with the Christmas tree (which is now almost dead :( cut down the tree yourself, folks!) and I often find her snuggled up under it...or waiting to pounce me. 

I love when she falls asleep in crazy positions! Oh cats...

Also, her coloring is changing a little, getting more grown up I guess? She's so pretty!! 

It's real nice to have someone to come home to..but....I may becoming a crazy cat lady. I have a ridiculous amount of photos of her. And boy oh boy are kitties expensive! There are just so many cute things you can buy for them! Plus, I pretty much talk about her all the time. But ya know what? I love her and I don't care if I end up being a crazy cat lady cause she's sooooo adorable. 

Xoxo, Kayla 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crafting lately...

Being unemployed (for the most part) sure does have its perks! I have lots of time to craft, get work done for my Doula certification, see my family, and hang out with my new little kitty. The last time I was unemployed it was pretty stressful because I didn't know when I would be working again. This time I have a job lined up starting in January. I am trying to take FULL advantage of my free time because I know that when the new year comes I'm going to be pretty busy.

I made two Crayon Roll Up's for the sweet little girls that I nanny for on Fridays. They both have recently had birthdays, but already have really beautiful lovely toys so I didn't want to get them something that would take up space or that they don't really need. These are great because you can take them anywhere and the crayons don't get lost. Just grab a little notebook and you're all set for waiting at doctor's offices or in the line at Trader Joe's ;)

Crayon Roll Up to the rescue!!

I thought I had a tutorial for this from last time I made them, but it turns out I don't. They're pretty easy to make though!

1. Figure out how much fabric you'll need. It depends on how many crayons and how big they are. I lay the crayons out then fold the fabric up over them to figure out how big to make the pocket. If you want to add a flap to close them add that to how much fabric you'll need.
2. Cut fabric out
3. Place right sides together
4. Place fold-over-elastic (folded in half to form a loop) along inside of fabric edge
5. Sew together, leaving a small gap
6. Turn right-side-out
7. Sew up the gap and top stitch around edges
8. Sew lines on the pocket to hold the crayons in place (tip, I sew my lines so the crayons are pretty tight in there because the fabric will stretch out after the first couple times you put the crayons in/out)
9. Enjoy!

I made S a roll with large round Crayons (She turned 3) and I made A a roll with regular sized crayons (She turned 5)

I added a flap to A's because her crayons were small, I didn't want them to wiggle out.

Fold-over-elastic loops!

Happy coloring!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tis the Season!

I put up my Christmas tree today! I'm a little nervous for how Hattie is going to do with the tree...but I'm optimistic. 

(That's a mattress under my bed, for when guests come to my tiny apartment! Thanks Kimber for the genius idea!)

Hattie's first Christmas calls for a crazy-cat-lady footprint ornament, right? ;) Look how tiny her paws are!!

Tis the season! Enjoy it!


Advent Calendar

As a girl who loves Christmas, the start of Advent really solidifies the Christmas spirit in me. I love the ritual of it, the expectant waiting, and the way my heart changes every year. It is such a great way to practice waiting and to join in with others longing for the second Advent of Jesus. 

This year my friend Megan gave me a great idea for an Advent calendar. I can't remember where she said she got it from, but I so love it! It was really easy to put together and pretty inexpensive as far as Advent calendars go.

-small boxes (I used 14)
-bottle brush trees
-hot glue
-black marker
-chocolate/scripture, tiny gifts (for the insides!)

I chose to label my boxes with two numbers instead of one because I live in a little apartment and didn't want it to take up too much space. I doubled up days one through twenty-three and gave Christmas Eve and Christmas their own boxes.

1. Label boxes
2. Fill with treats/scripture/gifts/
3. Arrange boxes and trees together
4. Glue on trees (I glued on most of the trees but ended up leaving a few not-glued since they were precariously placed between boxes)

I'm not the best at drawing/printing, but I'm pretty proud of these guys!

Happy first day of Advent! Are you waiting for Jesus too?

xoxo, Kayla

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I've been hoarding a sweater away for a while, planning to make mittens out of it, but chosing a different project to tackle every time is saw it. It is just so adorable, little tiny hearts stitched into it, absolutely perfect for mittens. I was nervous about running it. The last time I made mittens they were...less than hoped for.

I FINALLY decided to just make them already! I made a cute tiny pair for the little girl I used to nanny for. They're so adorable, I'm sort of obsessed with how cute and tiny they are. They were actually surprisingly easy to sew, here's a quick tutorial...

1. Find adorable sweater.

2. Trace hand with fingers together. 
3. Make a pattern adding 1/2'' seam allowance on all sides (not pictured)

3. Turn sweater inside out (not pictured).
4. Trace pattern onto sweater and pin.

5. Sew mittens together. The thumb area can be tricky so take your time if you're nervous like me. 

All done!

How adorable is this Woods card?! 

Now I've got to make myself a pair! 

xoxo, Kayla