Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Extended Sabbath

I really should update this more often...

I went to Mexico last week! It was so lovely. I went with my best friend and her family to Cabo. I've never been to Mexico before or even a resort!I had such a great time. It was a bummer that Jake, her husband, couldn't go...but I'm really glad that I got to go!

We sat by the pool a lot, went on a walk to Lover's Beach, ate a lot of delicious food, went jet skiing (my first time!), took a ride on a pirate ship, held a baby tiger, went scuba diving (amazing!!!), and lots of other really fun and relaxing things.

Michelle and me on a jet-ski

Fancy resort Allison's parents stayed at

Aminda, Allison, Judy, and Michelle. They're all so beautiful!!! 

Allison and me at Lover's Beach (long walk, but really fun!)

Here are some of my favorite things, in no order:

-feeling the sun’s radiation seeping into my skin
-being warm in the shade!
-how beautiful Mexico is, even though almost everything is shades of tan
-jet skiing
-the ocean
-holding a baby tiger and having her bite my shirt/chest 
-walking around the marina at night eating sprinkle ice cream cones
-watching the sunset
-drinking a sangria IN the pool
-giving away our extra pesos before leaving
-scuba diving!
-wearing a bikini
-climbing over the rocks to get to lover’s beach and climbing the rock at the beach. I was so proud of myself!
-walking barefoot
-chatting in the hot tub 
- fancy dinner with Allison’s parents
-traveling (Allie is a pro)
-warm sand in between my toes
-wearing sunglasses
-reading for hours by the pool
-resting…an extended Sabbath

I want to go back already!!!! 


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