Friday, January 27, 2012

Lace Scarf!

My friend Megan is very good at making things. She is patient and detail oriented, pretty much the opposite of me. Megan made a beautiful scarf the other day, it is so cute! I decided to make one too...

I don't have a picture tutorial, words will have to suffice! 

It's an infinity scarf with lace added in. 

Here's how you can make it!

-Determine how wide you want your scarf to be and then double that and add 1/2'' seam allowance (mine was 12 1/2'')
-To determine how long you want your scarf to be you can wrap the fabric around your neck until you find a length that works for you. I wanted my scarf to have two loops and for the lace section to be 12'' long. It ended up being 6' total with 12' of' lace included in that. Add 1/2'' for the seam.
-Next, sew the lace to the fabric so you have one long strip of fabric+lace.
-Fold in half (hotdog way) with the right sides together and sew into a tube, but don't sew the ends yet. 
-Turn inside out
-Sew ends together 
-You have a cute scarf! 


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